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SOL-4-u Agroconsulting is a specialist in dairy and poultry farm ventilation systems. 

With almost 40 years worldwide experience in this field, we fully understand the need for a well designed micro climate system in every farm. Access to fresh and clean air, although "invisible", is one of the key factors in any perfect performing intensive livestock building. In recent years we see a growing understanding of applying ventilation systems in dairy farms all over the world. 

But, compared to the swine and poultry industry, understanding the real needs and requirements of air distribution in a dairy farm is still in it's early days. Only in recent years research in this filed has been undertaken by organisations like DAIRYLAND INITIATIVE out of Wisconsin. They are focusing mainly on real-time research in various dairy farms on the effect of: 

- Air recirculation systems

- Natural-, Cross-, Tunnel ventilation systems

- Evaporative cooling systems

By measuring in various farms and in various ambient climatic conditions, they are advising farmers worldwide about solutions which are more beneficiary for initially the respective animals and secondly which systems are also having the shortest Return on Investment. 

When visiting farms worldwide and talking to farmers or local farm equipment suppliers, we notice, that still a lot of " mistakes" are being made. Mostly due to lack of knowledge, not understanding the real needs of the respective animal or using fans based on non-verifiable data and fan placement which is too optimistic. 

Therefore in our ventilation strategies we only use products which are tested at internationally respectable test centers. 

Also all of our ventilation and cooling strategies are based on farm visits (either by us or by our well-trained local dealers) in which we are looking at all aspects of the farm as well as listening carefully to the farmers requirements.  

As the choice for the best solution should be based on a lot of variables, creating a good solution should be a job for a specialist. 


If you are looking for solutions which can help you to improve your farm results, please check our  Services  - page or our  Products - page (if you need a special product) or our  Projects - page if you want to find out, what we can do for you as well.