SOL-4-u Agroconsulting

What's more important than air, water, soil, energy and light? These are the things that keep us alive!

What can we do for your dairy farm?

Most of our projects start either with a drawing we receive through farmers or our dealers. A good and detailed drawing can be very helpful in preparing the first designs.  These drawings are mostly accompanied by a detailed description of the requirements, problems experienced until now. The combination of both will allow us - in most cases - to configure a first proposal. 

These proposals are followed in almost all cases by a farm visit. These are done either by ourselves or by our well-trained dealers or by both. 

As details matter, please provide drawings sketches showing enough details. Especially dimensions, floor plan, positions of robots, walkways, beds, feed rails, etc etc.. All of these data will help us to make a first setup. 

Most quotes are followed by farm visits in order to do some fine tuning based on what we see. 

Alternatively we are also able to visit you without having a drawing received. This will be done either by us or by our local dealer. 

Visits are always useful as we only then experience first hand the real situation. During these visits we focus on: 

  1. Building structure
  2. Surrounding area
  3. Animal behavior as well as visual health check of animals
  4. Requests of the respective farmer and whether these can be implemented in the building(s) at hand
  5. Local climate  
  6. Other important data required

The above farm picture from Slovakia clearly shows the challenges we sometime face.