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What's more important than air, water, soil, energy and light? These are the things that keep us alive!


Air movement, energy saving, full range of products, Canadian origin, 3 years warranty, proven in many farms worldwide, own design team, in-house testing facility, etc etc. 

All of the above have strengthened our choice for 


With a high-tech production unit in Gaoming, Francois Desautels and his dedicated team, manufactures fans and HPF cooling systems since many years for a number of internationally known suppliers to mainly the dairy industry. 

TOPCOOL Ltd is a member of a.o.

as they have realized that only verIfiable results from an official test-lab are providing good and comparable information for every client. Our recent research and testing have shown, that some fan manufacturers are using fan data or lab results which are not necessarily be 100% valid. 

TOPCOOL manufactures all fan sizes from 12" (30cm) till 84" (203cm) in either single or three phase connection. Either in 50 or 60Hz. Motors are also available in Belt-drive or Direct drive version and come with a 3 year warranty (belt only 1 year). TOPCOOL provides fans with IE2, IE3 and IE4 motors. Except for the necessary metal parts like motor housing or wire guards all other parts like cones, frames are made from durable FRP or SMC. The total product is non-corrosive and therefore durable for the use in intensive livestock buildings or in other areas with harsh conditions. 

All fans are available with the latest CE, CSA and UL+ certificates and meet therefore all standards. In some countries TOPCOOL fans are also certified for energy saving and governmental fundings are available. 

Please find below some of the fans we use on a regular base. For more details please check also their website: .