SOL-4-u Agroconsulting

What's more important than air, water, soil, energy and light? These are the things that keep us alive!


Fully insulated exhaust and intake chimenys. Outside material HDPE, Inside material HDPE. In between: 50mm PU-insulation. Especially suitable in colder climatic zones as the insulation avoids condensation and freezing up of condensation. Tried and tested in Siberia as well as in Italy. 

Available for now in 2 diameters: 570mm and 650mm. Therefore most standard available chimney fans will fit. 

All necessary accessories are available. E.g. wind rind, wind cone, rain hood with special corona reducing airflow restriction, inflow rings, dampers, butterfly valves and standard roof sheets for closing up the roof from the outside. 

Exhaust chimney Exhaust chimney with perfect insulation
Corona for rain hood/cap Special designed corona for the use with a rain cap. Corona reduces the restriction in airflow fully