SOL-4-u Agroconsulting

What's more important than air, water, soil, energy and light? These are the things that keep us alive!

Below you will find some projects we realized over the last couple of years. These are only a few of the ones we have done in a growing number of countries worldwide. 



Gut Friedrichshof, Niedergruendgau: 

Owner Manuel Schneider took more than a year to make his final decision. During this time he visited some farms in which a variety of fans had been in use. But none of these solutions seemed to cover his needs. As his farm is located in a valley in an area of Germany, where the ambient temperatures in summer are rated amongst the highest, he was looking for a solution providing enough cooling power during those days. After he had visited some farms in which our fans are installed, he finally added 30 VHV72"  and 10 Panel fan P55" as well as a soaking system in his barns. All of these fans and soaking line (free stall barn only) are controlled by our THI computer and VFD's. Since installation the average milk production per cow went up from 35l to 38l 

One of our first clients in Germany, Huck Dairy from Wadersloh, is extremely satisfied with our ventilation/cooling strategy implemented in their 120 cow facility. He is very active in advertising our solution to other farmers within his study group. 



Henk and Debora Scheper, owners of an older dairy barn in Fluitenberg , started upgrading their operation in 2017. During the process, they visited an old school mate who started his own dairy farm in Wisconsin. During this visit Henk learned a lot about the advantages of using a CROSS-VENTILATION system in a dairy facility. After discussing this possibility for his dairy with some specialists in Wisconsin, he asked us to double-check all options and ideas. Finally this has lead to the installation of 12 of our GF72"  fans. Since installation in 2017 he was able to manage inside barn temperatures much better and at the same time he reduced disease pressure amongst his " ladies".  

Since 2020 Fam. Apeldoorn in Woudenberg is using our Panel Fans P55"  in their dairy barn.  


Our Dutch partner, VEKO VENTILATION BV, has implemented our VHV72" in the waiting area of one of the leading poultry slaughter companies in the Netherlands: PLUKON in Goor. These fans are used to cool the birds while waiting in the waiting room after been unloaded from the truck.  

Together with Mr. Bertus Verbeek from VEKO VENTILATIE BV we designed a special goat barn ventilation/recirculation system. Fresh air is entering the building through sidewall inlets and is picked up by our VHV55" fans. These fans pushing the air forward and downwards. By measuring air velocities inside the barn at animal level, these fans ensure enough air movement and cooling without exceeding the requirements of the goats. During colder days, a hot water heating system generates the additional hot air, without adding moisture to the air. For additional cooling in summer a high pressure fogging system is added to the individual deflectors on each VHV55" fan. 



Glass house construction barn with shading material and 12 pieces VHV55". In operation since mid 2017. According to the farm owner, Mr. Kris Claes from Dessel, the return on this investment was less than 9 month after installation. 



PIC BECEJ near Novi SAD already used some Canadian made panel fans, but still cows had a lot of issues during hot days, e.g. loss in milk production by 25% combined with a great loss of milk-fat content and milk protein. 

We advised to upgrade his barn by adding some VHV55"  fans and a soaking system. The present installed fans should be relocated and should assist the additional fans. After installation in 2019 milk production as well as milk-fat and protein remained almost the same as they would during more moderate days. Moreover, fertility rates kept at par as well. 


Early 2020 we installed more than 200 of our VHV and Panel fans, next to soaking lines and fully automated THI control and VFD's into the first phase of PKB/Al-Dahra's 2.500 cow operation. In 2017 we already did their milking parlor with a mix of Panel fans and air intake fans. 


 After PKB/AL-DAHRA had seen the first results in their newer farm, they added our fans also in their older 26 barns close to Novi-Sad. 

Results achieved during this years'  summer have proven, that also during very hot days, only a dedicated cooling system will get perfect results and healthy cows.



Uhelna Pribram farm in the Czech Republic is a test farm of our local Czech dealer. This year they have added a so called 365-days-fresh-air ventilation system in one of their buildings. This system consists of GF24" cone fans on both sides of the barn. Fans are installed under an angle in front of the curtain. Angle is based on the direction towards the feed table. All fans are operated in groups on/off and pushing fresh air through the bedding section towards the feed alley.  




Together with our local partner, Agromont-Nitra, we realized this year a lot of interesting dairy projects. After using our basket fans for many years, this year a growing number of farms have been equipped with VHV and Panel fans including our VFD controls. 

Basket fans in a Slovakian Dairy farm


Working together with one of the leading suppliers of dairy farm equipment as well as building designer DAIRY-Ep has shown that, after installing some trial farms and inviting farmers for farm meetings and interesting speakers, is very beneficiary for increased sales as well as sharing knowledge amongst farmers. Proving in the field, that making the right choice can be more expensive, but is on the long run the cheaper investment.