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What's more important than air, water, soil, energy and light? These are the things that keep us alive!


Working close with 2 different manufacturing locations (China and Poland) we are offering a full range of PU-sidewall air inlets. These inlets are highly suitable for all climates but, due to their perfect insulation and longer moving valve, especially suitable for very cold climates. All inlets have a very hard but smooth surface. Therefore they are easy to clean with a high pressure washer. Most standard sizes are available, e.g. 650x270mm, 858x375mm, etc. All inlets are standard equipped with a bird mesh and are available as self-opening or self-closing (please specify when ordering)

Pu sidewall air inlet Standard airinlet 650x270mm

PU sidewall airinlet Double standard sidewall airinlet

Triple sidewall airinlet Triple standard sidewall PU airinlet

Windcover (ABS) for standard airlets Windcover (ABS) for standard airinlets. UV-resitant. Option: light filter insert

Windcover for double airinlets Windcover for double airinlets (100% UV-resistant due to white outside)

Insuated cover for gable fans (up to 50 insulated and UV-resistant cover for gable fans (up to 50") for winter time