SOL-4-u Agroconsulting

What's more important than air, water, soil, energy and light? These are the things that keep us alive!


Measuring is knowing!

Although a lot of systems have been installed in the past with all good intentions, we see far too often, that design and placement of those parts needed to provide fresh air, are not as it should be. Sometimes only small changes to the present setup can already make a lot of difference.

In order to know this, we are measuring at site the following important parts:

  1. Air velocity over the width and length of the respective building, bearing in mind all restricting parts of the building
  2. Smoke tests to see how the air moves inside the shed/barn
  3. LUX-measuring at animal level 
  4. Checking farm layout
  5. Time-lapse videos to check animal behavior over longer periods. This will provide more insight about the REAL issues...

The data collected during these visits provide a lot of information which leads to an overall improvement of the respective barn.

Some of the tools we use during our visits:


Callibrated air velocity, temperature, rH measuing unit Kestrel callibrated measuring device



Smoke test Smoke machine to visualize air patterns
Lux measurement LUX measuring
Thermal imaging camera Thermal imaging for detecting cold barriers and checking cooling results in farms